In less than 20-years in the industry as custom cabinet manufacturer in Riverside, California. Hence, the company has built a reputation for quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. Then, our company uses good materials available for our cabinet and furniture. We take pride to give the most real personal service.

  • Our company has an excellent long history of craftsmanship.
  • We have a team of a certified kitchen designer.
  • The company offers both custom and modular cabinets.
  • We have modern technology to develop drawings and plans.

If you are looking for exact custom cabinets, an entertainment center, a bathroom or other fine furniture and woodwork. Thus, we are a company that works with you to give the beauty and custom features that you desire.


If you desire to have to update the cabinet in our kitchen. Sometimes our customer has a specific design in mind that they love to see into life. You come to the right place.

Bathroom Cabinet

Through your cabinet, you have the best investment that you can make in your home is to add a custom bathroom. Thus, we give you the perfect place to start and end each day.

Home Office Cabinet

Does your home office is lacking a storage space? It is much better for you to have a custom home office cabinet installed. Hence, you can keep everything neat and organized. Thus, our Riverside company is experts at designing, building and installing home office cabinets.

Bathroom Vanity

Our custom bathroom vanity is one of the best investment that you can make in your home. Hence, the custom cabinets that we built add a perfect place to start and end each day.

Wall Unit

The easiest and new way to add a fancy touch to your home is to add a custom wall unit. It adds awesome looks and gives with plenty of extra space to store a variety of things.

To achieve a better quality furniture cabinet shops near your location to help you bring to life your dream. Thus, you can visit our Riverside California shop.



Do you consider having a custom cabinet made for your home or business? We are glad to serve you. Here at Cabinet Pro Riverside California, we are experts when it comes to all thing cabinet related. Our company makes different cabinets from the kitchen to the bathroom. Together with, home office cabinets to wall units, we can create what you have in mind. For cheap custom cabinets prices. Hence, our workers are able to create the most fashion-forward and trendy styles for a fraction of the cost of our competitors. You may visit our custom cabinets online to check out our project with client's satisfaction.


The company owns and operate by David Stanley serving the whole Riverside. And other nearest city in California since 2000. Thus, the company's honor has built for delivering individual designs. That are custom-crafted to fit the special needs of our clients.


Our company wants to serve all the people with the good quality result that will meet their satisfaction. We allow our customer to let their own idea come to life that they may share to other people the beauty of their own creation. We give a good quality product of plywood and important materials that will give a beautiful cabinet. And with a strong cabinet that will last a long time. We aim is to help their dream to reality by listening to what is in their mind. As well as, to bring the ultimate interior design of their house or business.


To serve not only Riverside but also the whole United States of America for a long time. Thus, with good quality of materials and high-quality plywood. To assists our customer to create the most stylish and well-made custom cabinets for all of them. Our workers to be well-known around the world for its finest creativity and meeting the needs of our customers.


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